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American Diamond Heart Bracelet

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Our dazzling collection of fine silver bracelets and silver bangles online is just another testimony to our commitment to customer satisfaction. As we all know bracelet has always been an indispensable part of a woman’s jewelry collection. Its a tradition to wear bangles or bracelet on the wrist.  But the needs of every era are different. Our collection of sterling silver bracelet caters to the requirements of the modern-day woman. We combine world-class manufacturing techniques and processes to bring together an assortment that represents the twenty-first-century woman, bold, beautiful and dynamic.

 Our Bracelet Designs for womens are Charming and Magnificent

glimebox Jewels bring to you an ethereal collection of silver bracelets. Our collections boast of elegant and classy design which is crafted from pure hallmarked 925 silver and doesn’t turn black. Designed keeping in mind the requirements of today’s woman, we carry a chic and stylish range of sterling bracelets and silver bangles.

Silver Bracelet Design

Jewelry has always been an integral part of humans culture and more so for women. Women in general, enjoy wearing and possessing silver jewelry in all form. Most women wear jewelry in their routine lives and for special occasions as well. Importance of bangles in an Indian woman's life is unquestionable and unparalleled.  Jewelry represents mostly all-important events of a woman's life be it any country in the world. Whether it's birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, childbirth etc., there is jewelry meant for every occasion. Silver Jewelry brings out the innate goddess present in every woman. It accentuates her feminines and enhances her beauty. No look for a woman is complete unless it is adorned with suitable ornaments.

Silver Bracelet for Girls 

Silver bracelet always held a great cultural importance in history and this continues in the present times as well. In India, girls wear silver bangle, color, and the number of which denotes their marital status. In other parts of the world as well, the specialized pure bracelet like the silver charm is used for various cultural practices. Like fending off the evil eye, protection against diseases, security of newborn babies, good luck etc.

Silver Bangles is a Daily Wear jewelry

jewelry of all kinds and types can be broadly classified as daily and occasional wear. Expensive jewelry, crafted from valuable metals like platinum and gold bracelets fall in the latter category. Often studded with precious and semi-precious stones like diamond, emerald etc., these are often considered a symbol of prestige and wealth. They cost a lot. One can only buy silver bangles in India rather than of gold or diamonds. Sterling silver bracelet with high finish and stones provides a great alternative to these. Hence Silver Bracelet at glimebox jewels is so fine that it competes with gold and diamonds. It’s safe to travel and carry them with you. Our Silver Bracelet is a perfect balance of classic designs, elegance, and allergy free metal. It is such a better and safe choice for jewelry.

Sterling Silver Bracelets - Daily Wear Staple

With fashion-forward minimalist design and pure 925-hallmarked silver are a perfect choice for adorning your wrists.  Bracelets adds a stylish appeal to your outfit without overwhelming the entire look. The gold plated bracelet is also available if you have a preference for the yellow metal. Silver Bangle Bracelet can be worn for extended periods without a trace of discomfort or worry. And our 925 sterling silver bracelet comes with adjustable links so you can fix the size as per your requirements whether you’re a working woman, a homemaker or a student, bracelet, complement all women alike, regardless of their age or profession.

Silver Bracelet Online Price at glimebox Jewels

We, at glimebox Jewels, boast of an exotic and extensive collection of pure silver as well as gold plated sterling silver bracelet. All our products are crafted from hallmarked 925 silver bangles. A team of highly skilled designers and artisans work in close coordination to fashion designs each of our products. The result of such fastidious efforts is a collection of silver bracelets are outstanding and unique. The main advantage of purchasing products from glimebox Jewels is its affordable price. Best product at Lowest Price. 

Our Silver Bangles Online Products -

Our jewelry comes with a 925-sterling silver stamp, certifying the purest form of silver that goes in the making.  

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